August 23, 2012

This past weekend had my family and friends help print the big 4x8ft pig (woodblock). Oil-based, black, block ink printed onto Tyvek. Worked pretty good. Here’s some pics…


S.V. Medaris inks the 4 x 8 ft pig block

Inkin’ some more (took about 1/2 hour I think?)

S.V. Medaris inks the 4 x 8 ft pig block

Ready, set?

Ready to print?

Twistin’ fools!

Twistin' duo

It’s never to early to learn to twist-n-spin.

Learning to print with feet

The Twist-n-Print playlist:

Jerk It Out: Caesars
Twist and Shout: The Beatles
Walkin’ On the Sun: Smash Mouth
Surf Medley: Junior Brown
Monkey Spanner: Dave Collins & Ansell Collins
A Little Less Conversation: (JXL Radio Edit Remix) Elvis vs JXL Elvis Presley
Bed & Breakfast Man: Madness
City With No Children: Arcade Fire
Shout (Remastered): The Isley Brothers
Dog Days Are Over: Florence + The Machine
Somebody That I Used to Know: (feat. Kimbra) Gotye
I Can See Clearly Now: Johnny Nash
One Step Beyond: Madness
Poker Face: Lady GaGa
Pretty Woman: Roy Orbison
Born This Way: Lady GaGa
Bohemian Like You: The Dandy Warhols
Learning to Fly: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Night Boat to Cairo: Madness
Nelson Mandela: The Special A.K.A.

Let’s hang it up

Hangin' it up

Ta da!

Ta da! Print all done. Take a bow

Printers in the making (learning to cut lino)

boys learn about the sharpness of lino blades

We’ll print his design onto his own shirt at Handmade party…

Blonde boy cuts linoleum

Somebody has a new pink “Cool Clutch.”(Thanks Michelle)

Young girl in pink with pink furry purse, stands with Dad

Beautiful sky. Thanks for the awesome photos
Tom Fjeldstad!

beautiful orange and pink summer sky

Virtual “Tunnel”

August 3, 2012

Thanks Theresa at Artisan Gallery, for the virtual tour (video) of The Tunnel of Mortality:

Facebook video of The Tunnel of Mortality

The Tunnel of Mortality

July 26, 2012

The Tunnel of Mortality, a life-size tunnel-book installation at Artisan Gallery, has been extended to September 9th, 2012! The next reception is Friday, July 27, 2012, 5-9pm at Artisan Gallery.

Here’s some shots (click any image to enlarge):

Door's entrance to old cheese cooler with show title: S.V. Medaris, The Tunnel of Mortality, inside reveals dark, wallpapered room.

“Come in.” said the spider to the fly….

Once you step in the door, you are in a floor-to-ceiling, darkly wallpapered, little anteroom, about 8ft x 8ft.

fancy-framed portraits on dark wallpapered walls

Back wall and right corner of anteroom

ornate wallpaper, fancy-framed portraits

Chairs are upholstered in the same, matching, printed fabric as the walls.

The richly detailed wallpaper is actually a 10in x 10in linocut pattern printed black onto burgundy duckcloth. About 480 times. If you look closely at one of the “tiles” you will see the underlying theme of the show:
plucked chicken, intestines, bones, axes, chicken foot...

If you look behind you to your right, the outside light looks blinding compared to the dramatic low lighting surrounding you.

taxidermied chicken on low table next to portrait hung on densely patterned wallpapered wall

Taxidermy chicken NOT for sale.

As you step through the door, into the anteroom, The Tunnel of Mortality is that big framed piece on the right-hand wall. It looks like any other of the framed woodcuts, except as you walk towards or by it, it changes (since it’s a 3-dimensional space, not a flat piece). If you’re not paying attention though, it doesn’t “read” as an interior space, but rather a mirror…or something. A number of visitors were looking behind and above them to figure out where the projector was. Most think it’s a mirror, but can’t figure out how come they don’t see their reflection.

Fancy framed portraits on dark wallpapered walls, and low table covered in matching tablecloth

Matching tablecloth and upholstery! This is really the only time I’ve gotten into “interior decorating” (in our real house, nothing matches. I mean, who has time when it takes this long to make pretend rooms?).

Walk into the center of the room, turn to your right, and there’s the tunnel.

fancy frame contains busy collage of farm animals and farm life

The Tunnel of Mortality, framed.

I’m not going to try to explain how this looks in real life, since you really have to go experience it to get it. Suffice it to say, that it’s confusing at first since you can’t quite tell what you’re looking at. Some have said it feels like a mirror.

And here’s a cropped panorama of the center section:

scene filled with relief-printed farm animals, carcasses and scenes of farm life

All woodcut or linocut prints on fabric or Tyvek.

Reception is this Friday, 5-9pm at Artisan Gallery (directions).
And the show is up through September 9th.

So, come check it out!
Experience the tunnel!
Sign the camouflaged guestbook!
Read some of the entries in the guestbook here.

cloth-covered book matches pattern of tablecloth

Tunnel of Mortality (and much more) Friday night!

June 8, 2012

Install, day 3 at Artisan Gallery
(Day 3 of the install)

Artisan Gallery 25th Anniversary Exhibition
June 8th – July 22nd, 2012
Opening Reception Friday June 8th 5-9p.m.

Group Show: 25th anniversary — We are excited to celebrate our 25th year in Paoli, the anniversary show will feature favorite work from many of our gallery artists.

In the Cooler: S.V. Medaris “The Tunnel of Mortality” — Printmaking from birth to slaughter and everything in-between. One season of life on the farm (in life-size tunnel book form), as told by S.V. Medaris of Market Weight Press.

Nick Wroblewski: Color Reduction Woodcuts — Wroblewski’s woodcuts entice the viewer through the use of vivid colors and hold their attention through his variety of distinct mark making. This exhibit will have many prints which showcase his unique style of reduction woodcuts.

More info at Artisan’s Facebook page and
Artisan Gallery website

Mount Horeb Area Spring Art Tour starts today!

June 8, 2012

Spring Art Tour 2012

Maps, artist list and more info at:
Mount Horeb Spring Art Tour

Twist and Print

May 29, 2012

Just finished printing multiple (4×8 ft woodblock) prints onto Tyvek by using my feet, doing something resembling the Twist. Best song ever for printing/twisting? “Jerk it out” by the Caesars. Don’t care what it means–it’s f-in’ awesome!!

More linos…

May 22, 2012

Listening to rebroadcast of the Cluck: From Jungle Fowl to City Chicks interview on Larry Meiller’s show (archives) that Susan Troller and I did earlier in the year, meanwhile drawing carcass for segment of Tunnel of Mortality that is upcoming solo show in June atArtisan Gallery.

Oh yeah, and my first reduction tees! (hint to you tee printing folks: if the lino is cut out in a shape, you can just line up color #2 by matching the outside contours of the block shape to the outside edges of the print shape) Just did 2 prototypes (pink thermal shown) to see if it would work…. It did!

plucked chicken drawing in foreground, reduction prints, etc in background

Plucked lino measures about 30in. high. “Wallpaper” in background is lino on canvas duck cloth about 8ft wide, pigs are reductions on drill cloth, included in panels for ‘Tunnel’ installation

New woodcut

April 16, 2012

Based on the story from when Gracie adopted P-Biddy and brought her into the flock…
woodcut of peahen guarding young peafowl
Peahen On Guard
37in x 26in
Woodcut on Rives Heavyweight

Side benefit to teaching artists’ books…

April 9, 2012

…I get to make lots of prototypes of book forms in many stages with which to teach students how to bind different types of books. Plus, a Fun with Book Forms! broadside, used as book cloth, small cards, clamshell box wrapper…. I’ll show those later, but for now, just the broadside, and a very small (soon-after-this-photo–leather bound) book sewn on cords. Done this past February and March along with a number of other books, boxes, prints that I’ll post after the latest deadline is past…

tiny book sewn on cords

Book measures about 3in x 2in | I really like the textures in this (click on image to enlarge). Almost sorry to cover it up with leather. Almost.

Fun With Book Forms broadside

'Fun With Book Forms!' | 22in x 17in | 3-color letterpress printed on French's Construction


Happy New Year with 1st leather journal

January 8, 2012

Leather bound journal, cover paper is woodcut print on handmade paper. Measures about 9 x 11 x 1 in.

Leather bound, woodcut-printed handmade papered cover. Measures about 9 x 11 x 1 in

First leather binding since the NYC class in November. Soooo glad I remembered all the details, except this one is not without errors. Good news is I learned some new things not to do. Like do NOT pare down the whole piece of leather for spine! I pared it so thin that all the sewn signatures can be seen through the leather. Oh well. Anyway, leather is buckskin, darkened with a bit of linseed oil, and it’s full of cast off prints on handmade paper, grid paper, and pretty awesome for writing/drawing in. Looking forward to making more.


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